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Another Badge on the Wall: Why G2 Users Love dbForge SQL Complete

More good news coming our way! dbForge SQL Complete, your favorite add-in for SSMS and Visual Studio—packing a punch with its SQL code completion, formatting, and refactoring capabilities—has earned a new badge on G2, the world’s largest tech marketplace that helps businesses discover and review products that help them fulfill their potential and achieve their goals.

We are happy to know that companies and individual SQL developers and DBAs alike choose our products; it’s their high satisfaction rating and consistently positive feedback on G2 that helped SQL Complete earn the Users Love Us badge.

So why do users love SQL Complete? Let’s answer this question with a few quotes from the feedback on G2:

  • “SQL Complete is THE solution for autocompletion/IntelliSense for SQL. I honestly could not do my job without this tool and it has allowed me to code at speeds that let me solve complex problems in time-critical situations.”
  • “The features of SQL Complete completely changed my workflow. The formatting, snippets, and color coding saves me hours every week.”
  • “Thoughtfully designed and easy to use, yet highly sophisticated in its capabilities.”
  • “This is a must-have tool for SQL Server developers. It covers all the bases from automatically suggesting objects to code suggestions, making it easier to code your linked servers. I particularly like the ability to see object info at a glance.”
  • “It works with Azure SQL Databases and also works with the Azure Synapse Analytics SQL pool, which is really important for me.”
  • “The tool is so well thought of and highly engineered, it’s a pleasure to use, and it improves your productivity by a significant margin.”

To read full reviews, feel free to visit the SQL Complete page on G2.

A few words about dbForge SQL Complete

For those who are not using SQL Complete yet: it’s an advanced add-in for SSMS that gives a big boost to your SQL coding, helps you beautify and refactor your code, eliminates repetitive coding, and delivers productivity enhancements and tools for data analysis. And we would gladly like to invite you to try it.

Get your FREE 14-day trial of SQL Complete and check it in action!