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dbForge Tools for SQL Server Scored Three More G2 Badges

We’ve got yet another achievement to tell you about! dbForge SQL Complete and dbForge Studio for SQL Server have been awarded the High Performer Spring 2022 badges on G2, the world’s largest tech marketplace for business software. Additionally, dbForge Studio for SQL Server has been included by G2 in their Small-Business Grid Report as a High Performer.

It is very encouraging to know that users rank dbForge tools among the best ones they have ever used; and here is some evidence to back it up—several random excerpts from the reviews of SQL Complete:

  • “This is a must-have tool for SQL Server developers. It covers all the bases from automatically suggesting objects to code suggestions, making it easier to code your linked servers. I particularly like the ability to see object info at a glance.”
  • “The tool is so well thought of and highly engineered, it’s a pleasure to use, and it improves your productivity by a significant margin.”
  • “The features of SQL Complete completely changed my workflow. The formatting, snippets, and color coding saves me hours every week.”
  • “Love using the execution history to find recent SQL statements executed for customer support or system installations. With this feature, I can easily continue where I left and don’t have to rewrite stuff.”
  • “Thoughtfully designed and easy to use, yet highly sophisticated in its capabilities.”

And now a few excerpts about dbForge Studio:

  • “By far the best tool for querying and working with results. Database import/export and comparison has save hundreds of hours of work.”
  • “I primarily need dbForge Studio to help migrate data between environments and it is fantastic for this purpose. I have tried other tools and this is by far the best that I’ve found for this.”
  • “Firstly, I like its code completion and navigation features. Very handy. Initially, you took them for granted, but all the difference is felt only when you return to SSMS. Secondly, the solution has almost everything I need, like a Swiss knife – schema and data synchronization, database comparison, backup and restoration. And thirdly, the tool supports many data formats, for example, you can format cell content as JSON, XML, HTML, and if it contains an image, you can see the image in the data viewer window. Again, very handy.”
  • “The query profiling is also great as it keeps track of changes and previous runs ensuring you can visually see changes as you optimize or alter a given query, which is simply fantastic.”
  • “It’s a complete solution. I don’t need anything else.”

A few words about dbForge SQL Complete

Aren’t you using dbForge SQL Complete yet? Then let us give you a brief overview. This is an advanced SSMS add-in that delivers a big boost to your coding speed, helps you beautify and refactor your SQL code, and delivers productivity enhancements and tools for data analysis. We would gladly like to invite you to try it.

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A few words about dbForge Studio

dbForge Studio for SQL Server is an integrated development environment for SQL databases. Think SSMS, but with far more features at your service: IntelliSense-like code completion, easy formatting, smart code refactoring, comparison and synchronization of table data and entire schemas, test data generation, database design, visual query building, data analysis, database administration, and many, many more.

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