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Champs Recap: Devart’s Award-Winning Products in Q1 2022

It’s time for a brief recap that covers all the badges that dbForge products for MySQL, Oracle, and PostgreSQL were awarded in Q1 2022—all owing to the steadily positive response from our users on a variety of review platforms.

dbForge Studio for MySQL: 9 new badges on G2

dbForge Studio for MySQL is a top-tier IDE for effective development, management, and administration of MySQL and MariaDB databases. It delivers multiple tools that help you build, execute, and optimize queries, streamline database object management, compare and synchronize database schemas, compare and analyze table data, perform smart refactoring, generate test data, and much more than that. Now it has an updated set of awards based on G2 user reviews.

dbForge Studio for MySQL: 9 new badges on G2

G2 users appreciate the sheer versatility of dbForge Studio for MySQL, as well as numerous individual features. You can take a look at their reviews on the Reviews & Product Details page. Additionally, you can check a similar set of awards garnered by the Studio in January 2022.

Please note that you can download dbForge Studio for MySQL for a FREE 30-day trial and check all of its capabilities in action!

dbForge Studio for Oracle: 2 new badges on G2

Two more awards go to dbForge Studio for Oracle, another feature-rich IDE, this time designed for Oracle databases. The Studio also earned similar badges for its performance and popularity in winter 2022, and it shows no signs of stopping. Feel free to get acquainted with G2 user reviews on the Reviews & Product Details page.

dbForge Studio for Oracle: 2 new badges on G2

dbForge Studio for Oracle can also be downloaded for a FREE 30-day trial, so don’t miss out on that opportunity!

dbForge Studios: 6 new badges on SoftwareSuggest

Now let’s move on to the next review platform—SoftwareSuggest—whose users helped our Studios for MySQL, Oracle, and PostgreSQL be awarded 2 new badges each. These are the badges earned by dbForge Studio for MySQL:

SoftwareSuggest badges for dbForge Studio for MySQL

These badges were earned by dbForge Studio for Oracle:

SoftwareSuggest badges for dbForge Studio for Oracle

Finally, these are the new badges of dbForge Studio for PostgreSQL:

SoftwareSuggest badges for dbForge Studio for PostgreSQL

We haven’t talked about the latter yet, so here it is: dbForge Studio for PostgreSQL is yet another integrated development and administration solution that doubles the performance of your SQL coding and streamlines your data management and reporting. So if you are actively dealing with PostgreSQL databases, you might as well consider this handy toolkit for daily use. Just download it and give it a go under the same FREE 30-day trial!

3 new Crozdesk awards

We’re not through yet! The three abovementioned Studios along with dbForge Data Compare for PostgreSQL were awarded a few rather important badges on Crozdesk:

3 new Crozdesk awards for dbForge solutions

Speaking about Data Compare, it is the best way to locate and synchronize differences in table data across your PostgreSQL databases. The entire process can be easily customized up to the automated generation of synchronization scripts that ensure safe deployment of changes in your data to the target database. Data Compare is also available for a free 30-day trial.

dbForge Studio for MySQL: Best Database DevOps Software on TrustRadius

Finally, we’d love to tell you about dbForge Studio for MySQL winning the title of Best Database DevOps Software on TrustRadius. To quote TrustRadius, such solutions “allow for the DevOps cycle to be applied to databases specifically, and have feature sets that are more fine-tuned.” Additionally, they “can help with automating CI/CD for databases, database version control, and detecting database drift.” This perfectly applies to all of our Studios and other specialized tools from the dbForge product line.

These awards are a real honor for us. And it’s all even better considering that it’s our users who are the real contributors here. That said, dear users, all this would not have been possible without you, and we promise to do our best in order to keep up with your expectations—or exceed them as much as we can.