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How a Data Engineer Streamlined His Team’s Operations Using dbForge SQL Tools

Recently, we’ve explored the case when dbForge SQL Complete was adopted by a group of SQL developers working under the banner of a tech company and seeking to get their routine coding done faster. Our today’s case dwells on the same idea—but the difference is that this time we’ll be dealing with a company of a much larger scale, a global company that delivers IT and business consulting services and has spent more than 45 years on the market.

Our client, who works as a Senior Consultant and Data Engineer at the said company, preferred not to disclose his name, yet agreed to share his story.

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The client’s team was just one of the teams that had to deal with databases and actual data every day. In fact, there were around 60-80 employees, allocated to numerous unrelated projects, who had to interact with databases one way or another. Furthermore, there weren’t any specific database tools that would be adopted as standard by the company—to the extent that, in most cases, you didn’t know what tools the team next door was using.

Yet the client knew well what he was heading for. His teammates, who mostly happened to work with SQL Server databases, employed the tried-and-true SQL Server Management Studio, which effectively covered most of their daily tasks. A critical moment came when the workload became increasingly intense and brought an urgent need to streamline the daily activities of the client’s team:

  • First of all, the client wanted to find a way to write SQL queries much faster. Smart autocompletion would help.
  • Another bottleneck was concealed in data import and export operations. These operations were rather slow and didn’t cover the required data formats all that well.
  • Finally, the team simply didn’t have any proper tools to help them quickly detect changes in table data.

Moreover, shifting to a completely different database toolset was not quite welcome. The best option was to find capable add-ins for SSMS to enhance it with, and dbForge SQL Tools, which were discovered by the client during a brief research, came across as a viable integrated solution. After a month-long free trial period, the client was certain about it. Here is what he told us during an interview:

“I guess it’s very good when the company uses the same software, because it helps to standardize the processes in some way, and it facilitates the interaction with vendors. When you have just one vendor that supplies you with database tools, it’s easier to implement any database-related scenarios. It’s easy to run the budget, and it eases the procurement processes. As for your tools, we’ve currently got 10 licenses, and the professional package is just what we need. SQL Complete is the heart of it. It helps very much.”

After the trial, it didn’t take more than a month until the obstacles vanished—and as of now, the client’s team has been successfully using SQL Tools for more than 3 years. Now let’s take a look at the tools that the client and his colleagues found the most valuable.

dbForge SQL Complete

SQL Complete is an add-in that can be integrated with both SSMS and Visual Studio, and it is designed to enhance SQL coding and make it error-free with context-aware keyword and object suggestions, phrase completion, formatting, refactoring, and a built-in T-SQL Debugger. Overall, SQL Complete can boost the user’s coding speed by 200-400%.

dbForge Data Compare

Data Compare helps detect and analyze table data discrepancies in live databases, backups, and script folders. With its help, you can synchronize databases and recover damaged or missing data with just a few clicks. All tasks can be scheduled and automated via CLI. This tool is noted to save up to 70% of the time typically spent on manual data comparison and synchronization.

dbForge Schema Compare

Schema Compare is a similar solution with a similar efficiency, which helps compare SQL Server database schemas, analyze differences, and synchronize them via auto-generated SQL scripts.

dbForge Data Pump

Data Pump is a powerful add-in for data import and export, which supports 14 most popular data formats, quickly populates SQL databases with external source data, streamlines data migration, and helps automate recurring scenarios using templates that can be easily run from the command line.

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This is where you might as well start your own success story. And if you’re looking to equip yourself with the broadest set of tools for SQL Server databases, feel free to download dbForge SQL Tools for a free trial and check them in action today.

Download SQL Tools for a free trial
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