Wednesday, June 12, 2024


Exploring Dependency Injection in ASP.NET 6 

This article builds a simple application to demonstrate the concepts covered and uses PostgreSQL as the database to store data and dotConnect for PostgreSQL as the data provider for PostgreSQL. 

How ChatGPT Can Help Database Developers Write Unit Tests for SQL Server

We have already explored the capabilities of the much-hyped ChatGPT in terms of writing SQL JOIN queries and retrieving data from MySQL databases. Now the time has come to take one more step further and scrutinize a more narrow-focused yet crucial topic for database developers—unit testing. We'll see how ChatGPT fares when it comes to writing unit tests for various database objects.

How a Data Engineer Streamlined His Team’s Operations Using dbForge SQL Tools

Recently, we've explored the case when dbForge SQL Complete was adopted by a group of SQL developers working under the banner of a tech company and seeking to get their routine coding done faster. Our today's case dwells on the same idea—but the difference is that this time we'll be dealing with a company of a much larger scale.

How dbForge SQL Complete Enhanced the Collaboration Within Two Development Teams at a Finland-Headquartered Tech Company

It is always interesting to explore a case where dbForge tools are used in a collaborative process. Take SQL Complete, for instance. It was created to make individual SQL developers exceptionally productive and help them write error-free code much faster.

SQL Server Architecture: An In-Depth Guide

Microsoft SQL Server has a client-server database architecture, where the process typically begins with the client app sending a request to the server—and continues...

Support Ukraine in Her Fight for Freedom!

Dear friends! On February 24, the world changed forever. The beautiful and peaceful Ukraine was attacked by Russian invaders who wanted to break Her spirit...

Meet Updated dbForge Tools for Oracle with CLI Activation

We are delighted to announce the release of the updated dbForge tools for the Oracle, including dbForge Schema Compare, dbForge Data Compare,...

Secure Connections to Oracle, Faster Access to Cloud Data, and Other Updates in ODBC Drivers

Oracle 20c, PostgreSQL 13, and SQL Server 2019 were supported in respective ODBC drivers. We are pleased to announce the release of new versions...