Don’t Miss the Latest Maintenance Update of SQL Complete 6.9

November 15th, 2021

Here comes the maintenance update of dbForge SQL Complete, your favorite SSMS and Visual Studio add-in for context-sensitive code autocompletion, formatting, and refactoring.

Our team aspires to make SQL Complete the best SSMS add-in on the market – not only in terms of expansive functionality, but also as a bug-free product that does not cause a single trouble in daily use.

Here is the list of fixed issues.

Issue description Ticket #
Issue with opening a SQL document from a Microsoft Visual Studio project D67752, D67753
Issue that occurred when working with SQL documents related to Visual Studio projects
Issue with loading the SQL Complete assembly after launching SSMS D67302
Issue that occurred when working with variables in the SQLCMD mode D69913
Issue that occurred when working with the CREATE SCHEMA statement in the SQL editor D70235
Application launch issue D67651
Document session restoration error D68594, D68627, D68638

The update is already available and can be installed from the SQL Complete menu in SSMS > Help > Check for Updates.

And if you are not using SQL Complete yet, we gladly invite you to check it out, all shiny and polished, during a free 14-day trial. Just download it from our website and see all of its capabilities in action!

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