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Here Comes a New Update of SQL Complete 6.11 with Support for SSMS 19

We’ve got a new update of dbForge SQL Complete, your favorite add-in for SSMS and Visual Studio that helps you write clean SQL code faster, delivering context-sensitive code completion, debugging, formatting, and refactoring features.


Get the Latest Maintenance Update of SQL Complete 6.9

We have just released a maintenance update of dbForge SQL Complete, an add-in for SSMS and Visual Studio that can accelerate your daily SQL coding by up to 4 times with a handful of code completion, formatting, and refactoring tools.


Don’t Miss the Latest Maintenance Update of SQL Complete 6.9

Here comes the maintenance update of dbForge SQL Complete, your favorite SSMS and Visual Studio add-in for context-sensitive code autocompletion, formatting, and refactoring.


SQL Complete Keeps Extending SQL Prompting

We are happy to announce that the new version of dbForge SQL Complete has been released. We have been working on the implementation of the new features and fixing the faults in the existing ones to make your everyday working experience better. dbForge SQL Complete is a perfect solution for those database developers who treasure their time. With this add-in, you might actually feel that the application reads your mind and predicts your next step, taking away the painstaking work. The award-winning SQL Complete is available for Visual Studio and SSMS.


Embrace Data Protection and Regulatory Requirements With SQL Complete Suggestions

We are pleased to present the latest version of our superior solution for SQL Server database development, management, and administration – SQL Complete v6.6. The update is packed with improvements and the major one is the support for the ADD SENSITIVITY CLASSIFICATION command introduced in SQL Server 2019.


Integrate SQL Complete into Visual Studio 2019!

Please welcome a new version of dbForge SQL Complete 6.1 with support for Visual Studio 2019, new command line interface and tunable Summary Panel. (more…)

Keep going to improve productivity with dbForge SQL Complete

The Devart team brings together the interests of its clients and best usability practices in a new version of SQL Complete 6.0.  Read on to find out what useful features we have prepared for you in the new release. (more…)

Possibility to connect to Azure Multi-Factor Authentication completed!

The new release of SQL Complete 5.9 brings simplicity to your SQL coding and provides an additional security approach to safeguard access to your data. Let’s take a closer look at what this release delivers. (more…)

What’s New in dbForge SQL Complete v5.8

dbForge SQL Complete for SQL Server receives improvements on an ongoing basis. To stay up to date with the most recent developments, this article provides you with information about: (more…)

SQL Complete Enhanced Functionality

While working on the new version of SQL Complete, we focused on adding the most needed features discussed on Devart’s uservoice site – devart.uservoice.com. Here, users leave their feedbacks regarding any of the Devart’s products as well as vote for new features to be added. Thus, we do our best to address user needs for most desirable functionality. This is an early preview of the upcoming functionality that will be available in SQL Complete v5.0!

In this article, we will discuss newly added features that will speed up and simplify SQL code writing. (more…)