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November 23rd, 2018

The Devart team brings together the interests of its clients and best usability practices in a new version of SQL Complete 6.0.  Read on to find out what useful features we have prepared for you in the new release.

SQL Server 2019 support

The release of SQL Server 2019 was announced just a little while ago, but we’ve managed to support it in this release of SQL Complete.

SSMS 18 support

SQL Complete can now be seamlessly integrated into the most recent SSMS 18.

Invoke Search panel instantly with a new shortcut

A keyboard shortcut Shift+Alt+F is assigned to the Find command, which calls the Search panel in the grid.

Shortcut for Find option

Days are displayed in execution notification

If a query is running more than 23:59:59 hours, days are added to the time in the Execution Notification.

Long-running query

Sort snippets in Snippets Manager

You can switch between the titles and shortcuts of snippets and sort them in ascending/descending order to quickly find the one you need.

Sorting in snippets manager

Grid Aggregates Enhancements

SQL Complete now counts the aggregate values not just for one column selection but also for multiple columns of the same data type.

Grid Aggregates for multiple columns

The Grid Aggregates row now shows MIN/MAX aggregate values for the date/time and string data types.

To make the Grid Aggregates row permanently visible, open Options, navigate to the Query Result Grid tab, and select Show always summary panel.

permanently show aggregate grid row

Execution Warning for DROP statement

An execution warning will appear if you try to drop a table/database of a certain environment category. You may also disable the warnings for a certain part of a script as specified in the bottom of the Execution Warnings window.

Execution warnings for DROP statements

Moreover, SQL Complete analyzes every USE statement and prompts an execution warning if the statement refers to a database of the environment for which the execution warning is set.

Execution warning for USE

Status bar and Object Explorer coloring intensify Tabs Coloring

You can quickly determine which connection is used by a current tab as the tab coloring is now concurrent with the status bar and Object Explorer colorings. The color may be associated with a server node, moreover, different colors can be set to databases residing on the same server.

Pane and Object Exploreк coloring

SQL Document Enhancements

You can shorten the name of SQL documents by excluding unnecessary portions therefrom (such as sever and/or database name) so that multiple tabs could neatly fit into the tabs pane.

Auto adjust tab width


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