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New version of add-in that can replace native Intellisense for SSMS is available!

When working on the new version of SQL Complete, we were focused on the idea of providing the most needed functionality to our users. Such course has already become the strategy of our product development. Our intention is not just to pack the product with features, but to give our users a tool that can make their work more effective. The result of this course was implementing more than a dozen of features and adding integration of SQL Complete with Visual Studio. We hope the integration will be useful for a wide range of prospective users.

Main New Features Highlights

New SQL Server versions support

SQL Server 2011 (codename Denali)
SQL Azure
SQL Server Compact edition

Added integration into Visual Studio

Visual Studio 2010: Professional, Premium, and Ultimate editions
Visual Studio 2008: Professional and Team System editions

“Go to definition” for database objects

This function allows navigating from code editor to the object in the Object Explorer (Server Explorer in VS) tree.

When the cursor is on the object identifier, the program will find the needed object and show it in the treeview on pressing F12 or clicking the corresponding item in the context menu.

If the object is declared in the script, the cursor will be moved to the beginning of its declaration.

Code Snippets

This feature makes it easy and convenient to use fragments of code over and over. The new functionality includes:

Showing code templates in the dropdown list
Opening templates on pressing Tab
Adding and editing templates with the help of templates manager
Possibility to add parameters to templates. Parameter values are entered by a user on inserting

New code completion features

IntelliSense for temporary tables and table variables
Expand EXEC statement feature. All parameters with value stoppers are inserted automatically on pressing Tab
sys.sp_* procedures are now suggested without schema prefix in EXEC statement
Expand ALTER statement for procedure, function, view, and trigger. Object body is inserted into the document automatically on pressing Tab
Suggestions for DROP statements added
Context-sensitive code completion for CREATE TRIGGER statement
Extended support for T-SQL DECLARE statement
Option for including default schema (dbo) into object name when pasting it into the text
Hierarchyid data type support in code completion

Document Outline window

This feature makes navigating through large SQL documents a real pleasure. The Document Outline window shows the structure of the current document. Besides, a user can synchronize structure with text right from the code.

Highlight occurrences of an identifier

This unique feature allows users to see all entries of an identifier in the document text. When the cursor is on the identifier, after a time lag all occurrences of this identifier into the text are highlighted.

SQL formatting component improved

Stream formatting for large documents. Application no longer hangs when formatting large SQL document. User can cancel the formatting process
Common table expression formatting supported
New formatting options for indenting JOIN clauses
Message for invalid statements

Quick database object information extended

Tool tip with parameters and descriptions of procedures and functions is shown
Tool tip with columns list when the mouse cursor hovers over the asterisk in the SELECT list is shown
For the alias in the FROM list, a table or expression with the list of columns is shown (if possible)
Now name, type, keys, and some other properties are shown for columns
Quick info is shown for the dropdown list items

“Execute current statement” feature

Now user can execute the current SQL statement (i.e. the one where the input cursor is located) in the document using the hot key.

Performance improvements

Formatting speed increased
Parsing speed of complex statements increased

What about SQL Complete Express?

Of course, most functionality is available only in the Standard edition of SQL Complete.

But all the same some improvements were made in the Express edition. There are the new features that were added:

Support for the new SQL Server versions
Visual Studio integration
SQL formatting component improvements
“Execute current statement” feature
Performance improvements


Consumers can give the updated dbForge SQL Complete a test drive by downloading the free Express edition or the 30-day trial Standard edition at the product download page.

To leave feedback, users can go to the dbForge SQL Complete feedback page. The Devart team is looking forward to receiving any comments and suggestions.