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New Code Compare v5.0 with Greatly Improved Structural Comparison for C# 6.0/7.0 and VB

When we started working on the release of Code Compare, v5.0, we set ourselves the task of improving structural comparison for the latest versions of the C# and VB languages in Visual Studio 2017. As for earlier versions of  Visual Studio (2010-2015), the structural comparison will work as well, but the support is provided only for the language versions supported by a given version of Visual Studio. In the Standalone version, C# is supported up to and including version 7.0. We have considered a number of comments on structural comparison and decided to switch to the Roslyn compiler that is the best choice when it comes to code analysis for C# and VB. We have also improved the binding of comments and processor directives to the structural elements in the code.

Support for JavaScript and TypeScript editors in VS

Now the list of available languages in Code Compare for Visual Studio features such popular languages as JavaScript and TypeScript.  When opening comparison, the programming language in use is defined automatically depending on the file extension. We have also considered reports from our users on the incorrect opening of the JSON files and strange blinking of the pop-up windows. Now JavaScript will be used for them.

Preliminary Comparison of Large Files

To save our users’ time and resources, we decided to add preliminary comparison for the files which size exceeds 10 Mb. After running comparison, you will see a dialog box with information about the size, date and last modification for each file and info about file differences. This behavior works only with the enabled  ‘Use binary quick comparison before opening‘ option (enabled by default).

Improved Support for 4-5K Monitors and Usability

We have also considered a number of reports on UI for the monitors with high DPI. We have also improved the style of dialog boxes. For more convenient scrolling, we supported the Shift + mouse wheel shortcut. As for Visual Studio, we haven’t introduced anything new, since you can easily get this behavior with the SideScroller extension.  The horizontal scroll synchronization will work with no issues.

Folder Comparison Improvements

  • We have fixed navigation through the file tree after the search or deletion of an element. The  ‘Launch Code Compare‘ command is now called ‘Compare Files‘ or ‘Compare Folders‘,  depending on the type of selected nodes. It can be used on one pane or on the different pane, as it was earlier.
  • The Ignore line breaks option has been renamed as  ‘Ignore empty lines‘.
  • The launch of comparison when invoking it from the Explorer shortcut menu of an element in the files/folders menu has been fixed.
  • The   node_module folder has been added to the default list of ignored folders for the folder comparison, and the resources folder has been excluded from this list.
  • Autocompletion for the folder path has been fixed. Now you can easily invoke comparison for the root nodes of the file system.


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Visit our UserVoice forum to see what features will be implemented in the next releases. Also, you can share your own ideas about new features you want to see in  Code Compare.



  1. Could you please add a feature that allows you to manually align a given line on the LHS with one on the RHS in file comparison mode, to tell CodeCompare that they correspond with each other? Other comparison tools have this, and it would be dead simple to add (algorithmically, you simply perform two separate diffs, one with the contents of both files above the synch point, and the other with the contents of the files below that point). It’s extremely useful for those times when the diff can’t find the correct corresponding parts of each file.

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