Tuesday, February 27, 2024
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BigCommerce API v3 Support in Excel Add-ins 2.2

Devart is glad to announce the release of Excel Add-ins 2.2 with support for BigCommerce API v3 and improvements for Zendesk.

The new version of Excel Add-in for BigCommerce allows users to select the BigCommerce API version to use when working with BigCommerce data. Note that the lists of objects and their structure is different for different API versions. The main differences are connected with objects, storing data about products, their variants, options, prices, brands, etc.

Some objects that are not supported in BigCommerce API v3 are accessed via API v2 regardless of API version selected.

The new API v3 connections use OAuth authentication (using Store Credentials), and require a different set of connection parameters than API v2 connections. You can obtain the required connection parameters when creating a BigCommerce API account.

Besides, the new version of Excel Add-in for Zendesk offers some improvements for working with Zendesk tickets via Zendesk Search API and allows disabling of Search API use completely.

Feel free to download the new versions of Devart Excel Add-ins, try the new functionality, and leave feedback!