Bulletproof database synchronization with dbForge Schema Compare for SQL Server v1.50

September 17th, 2009

Devart, a vendor of native connectivity solutions and database development tools for Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, InterBase, Firebird, and SQLite databases, has announced the release of dbForge Schema Compare for SQL Server 1.50, a sophisticated tool specially designed to meet a diversity of comparison tasks, help analyze schema differences at a glance, and synchronize them correctly, saving time and efforts.

With the new release, Devart continues its dedication to providing a line of safe as well as powerful tools for SQL Server database synchronization.

The highlights of Schema Compare for SQL Server 1.50 include:

* Table data verification after synchronization

dbForge Schema Compare for SQL Server 1.50 moves forward in delivering safe synchronization. The present-day market, saturated with all sorts of speedy over-featured tools for schema comparison and synchronization, leaves many developers insecure while managing their schemas. This proves that capability to synchronize any types of schemas does not always guarantee the correct results, and speed is nothing if any data is lost.

Following best practices in database synchronization, dbForge Schema Compare for SQL Server 1.50 checks table data after synchronization and notifies if any data loss has happened. This approach eliminates stumbling blocks on the table modification path giving more control and safety. With data verification capability developers can be sure that table changes as common as table recreation or changing data types in table columns are protected with timely detection of any data losses.

* The full comparison and synchronization – all database objects are supported

The latest version of dbForge Schema Compare for SQL Server can compare and synchronize all database objects in SQL Server 2000, 2005, and 2008 databases preserving high performance and safety. The expanded object support facilitates cross-version comparison and exempts developers from limitations based on the list of supported objects.

* Support of schema snapshots

One more major novelty in dbForge Schema Compare for SQL Server 1.50 is capability to make schema snapshots and compare them with each other or with a live database. Snapshots open up possibilities to develop databases without a direct connection to SQL Servers saving time and traffic. In addition, snapshots greatly contribute to version control of databases, producing a simple way for any member of the development team to compare and analyze the changes made to the database.

Pricing and Availability

Download dbForge Schema Compare for SQL Server 1.50 now and check the benefits yourself.

The license price of dbForge Schema Compare for SQL Server 1.50 is $149.95, it comes with a free 1-year technical support.

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