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Meet Updated dbForge Tools for Oracle

The Devart team worked hard and now we are glad to introduce new features and improvements to one of our remarkable product lines – dbForge tools for Oracle, namely dbForge Data Compare, Documenter, Data Generator, and Schema Compare.


How to Automatically Track Database Schema Changes With PowerShell Scripts

In the article, you will find a detailed guide on how to automatically monitor a SQL Server database for schema changes and automatically create a report and log file. The examples of scripts to set up the process are provided.


Using Object Filters to Adjust Schema Comparison

In this article, you will learn how to apply object filters within dbForge Schema Compare for SQL Server to be able to adjust the schema comparison and synchronization process to your needs by excluding and including the necessary objects and object types.


How to Rename a MySQL Database

Eventually, it appears necessary to change the name of a database in MySQL. For that purpose, we used to apply a simple RENAME DATABASE command that existed in earlier versions of MySQL. However, it became no longer available in the newer versions as it posed risks. The reason was that the RENAME DATABASE query could result in the loss of essential database contents, which clearly was undesirable.


Azure Database for MySQL: How to Connect and Migrate Databases with dbForge Studio for MySQL

In this article, you’ll learn how to connect to Azure Database for MySQL and discover three scenarios of database migration from MySQL to Azure using dbForge Studio for MySQL.

Get familiar with dbForge Studio for MySQL

How to Synchronize a Table in SQL Server

Database synchronization is an everyday necessity. You need it regularly when you have several similar databases that serve the same “user.”


Meet dbForge Schema Compare for PostgreSQL, v1.0!

We are proud to announce the release of a new product from the dbForge Tools for PostgreSQL line – dbForge Schema Compare for PostgreSQL, v1.0.

The tool is best suited when you need to compare Redshift databases quickly and efficiently, as well as to generate synchronization SQL scripts to update target database schemas.


Continuous Delivery of Database Changes to SQL Server When Working Remotely

In the process of software product development that involves a database, one of the key points is the possibility of continuous delivery of changes from the development environment to the production environment.


Compare and Find Data Differences Between Two Tables in SQL Server with SSIS and dbForge Tools

Systems often work with distributed databases that contain distributed tables. Distribution is supported by various mechanisms, including replication. In this case, it is necessary to constantly maintain the synchronization of a particular data segment. It is also necessary to check the synchronization itself. This is when the need to compare data in two tables appears.


How to Create Custom SQL Server Replication for Read-only Databases

Quite often there’s a need to create a read-only replica of a SQL Server database. This might be required, for example, for the purpose of separating analytical and operative tasks. The first cause high load on databases and in order to reduce it, the replica of the primary database is created to perform analytical read-only queries. 


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