Meet Updated dbForge Tools for Oracle

January 13th, 2022

The Devart team worked hard and now we are glad to introduce new features and improvements to one of our remarkable product lines – dbForge tools for Oracle, namely dbForge Data Compare, Documenter, Data Generator, and Schema Compare.

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In these versions, we focused on the following improvements:

  • Connectivity support
  • Update of a comparison report in Data/Schema Compare
  • Support for search index for JSON in Documenter
  • Support for a CLUSTERING attribute in Documenter
  • Support for command-line ignore options in Schema Compare
  • Updated integration with version control systems in Schema Compare

Now, check out in detail what to expect from the update of the dbForge Oracle product line.


dbForge Oracle tools now provide connectivity support for Oracle 21c.

Support for Oracle 21c in the dbForge Oracle product line

Data Compare

In dbForge Data Compare for Oracle, the Data Comparison Report has been drastically improved displaying actual differences in reports, such as what was added, removed, or modified.


For better performance, Documenter now supports a full-text search index for JSON data. You can generate a DDL script with a JSON search index using the CREATE SEARCH INDEX statement or the Generate Script As Create functionality.

Documenter now supports a full-text search index for JSON data

You can specify a cluster model in the CREATE TABLE statement by adding a CLUSTERING attribute that filters values by linear order.

Adding a CLUSTERING attribute to the CREATE TABLE statement

Schema Compare

In dbForge Schema Compare for Oracle, we improved the behavior of the Ignore START WITH schema comparison option. In addition to sequences, it will also be ignored in identity columns during comparison and synchronization.

Improved the behavior of the Ignore START WITH schema comparison option in the Schema Compare tool

Also, the tool now provides new ignore comparison options. When enabled, they will be ignored in sequences and identity columns during comparison and synchronization. The options include:

  • Ignore MAXVALUE
  • Ignore CACHE
  • Ignore CYCLE
Schema Compare provides new ignore comparison options

The Schema Comparison Report has been dramatically improved. Now, it displays added, removed, or modified differences between objects as removed-added lines or crossed out words in a Schema Comparison report.

The HTML report can include filtered objects or objects selected for synchronization or only objects with differences, as well as display the synchronization script, warnings, comparison and synchronization options.

Improved the Schema Comparison Wizard

In dbForge Schema Compare for SQL Server, we have improved integration with version control systems. Now you can link to Azure DevOps Server (previously known as Team Foundation Server a.k.a. TFS), Git, Perforce, and SourceGear Vault version control systems. 

Improved integration with version control systems in the Schema Compare tool


The Devart team is constantly working on developing new features and improving the existing ones and will appreciate it if you share your feedback or ideas regarding the products included in this release: Schema Compare, Data Compare, and Documenter.

If you want to get a deeper insight into other dbForge tools for Oracle, you are welcome to visit our website.

Download a 30-day trial version of dbForge tools for Oracle

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