Coming Soon: dbForge Schema Compare for SQL Server v1.10

May 27th, 2009

After analyzing our users’ feedback on the first release of dbForge Schema Compare for SQL Server. We decided to change our roadmap for this product and to release version 1.1 of the product before adding new major features.

So what new features will this version include?

  • Improved performance. We have shortened comparison time in more than two times. It’s important for large databases.
  • Synchronization of object permissions. Now permissions granted on specific object can be compared and synchronized along with object itself.
  • RULE and DEFAULT support. SQL Server RULE and DEFAULT objects can be compared and synchronized now.
  • Improved table synchronization .  We have added special processing in table synchronization that allows avoiding data loss in several cases.

New version release scheduled at first week of June 2009.

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