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Devart Supports 64-bit Android App Development in DAC for Delphi

Devart, the leading provider of database management software and developer tools,  announced the latest version of its data access components for Delphi.

The key feature in this update is support for 64-bit Android app development, following the release of RAD Studio 10.3.3 that includes a new Delphi compiler for the ARM platform, which allows developers to build 64-bit applications from a single Delphi codebase. It should be noted that starting August 1, 2019, your apps published on Google Play need to support Android devices with 64-bit architectures. All publishers are required to provide 64-bit versions in addition to 32-bit versions in Google Play.

New versions of RDBMS were supported: PostgreSQL 12 in PgDAC, Oracle 19c in ODAC, and InterBase 2020 in IBDAC.

The 6-fields limitation in the trial version of data access components for macOS and Linux was removed. You can now execute the test code against a large database to make sure everything works as intended.

The latest version 2.0.6 of Lazarus, a free IDE for rapid application development using the Free Pascal compiler was supported in all DAC products.

MySQL and PostgreSQL data providers now support OpenSSL 1.1, a library that implements TLS and SSL protocols to secure communications between a client and a server.

TLS 1.2 was supported in Direct mode in SDAC. It is a security protocol that provides privacy and data integrity for client-server applications that exchange data over a network. TLS 1.2 fixes some issues in TLS 1.1 and is recommended for organizations that consider cyber security critical to their operations.

Check the revision history page of DAC products for a complete list of updates and improvements in this release. You are welcome to download a trial version of Delphi Data Access components to give it a test run.

UniDAC 8.1 [ Download ] [ Revision History ]
ODAC 11.1 [ Download ] [ Revision History ]
SDAC 9.1 [ Download ] [ Revision History ]
MyDAC 10.1 [ Download ] [ Revision History ]
IBDAC 7.1 [ Download ] [ Revision History ]
PgDAC 6.1 [ Download ] [ Revision History ]
LiteDAC 4.1 [ Download ] [ Revision History ]
VirtualDAC 11.1 [ Download ] [ Revision History ]

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