Discover dbForge Studio for Oracle v4.3 with CLI Activation

January 27th, 2021

We are delighted to inform our Oracle users that a new dbForge Studio for Oracle, v4.3 has been just released.

The major improvements introduced in the new version feature an option to activate the tool via the command-line interface and enhanced comparison and virtual columns.

CLI Activation

dbForge Studio for Oracle, v4.3 can be activated and deactivated via the command-line interface using the /activate and /deactivate command-line switches.

Improved Comparison and Sync of Virtual Columns

In the new version of dbForge Studio for Oracle, virtual column values are regarded as objects that can be easily synchronized due to the object dependencies being generated within the schema synchronization process.


Download the new version of dbForge Studio for Oracle and share your thoughts about the product. Your feedback helps us find the right direction with future updates and improve the tools according to the needs of our users.

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