Friday, April 19, 2024
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dbForge Team Releases Improved Transaction Log v2.1

We are pleased to present the new version of Transaction Log 2.1 – our advanced tool for reading transaction logs and analyzing the history of data changes.

What’s new in Transaction Log 2.1

Execute Large Script functionality

Now dbForge Transaction Log 2.1 allows you to execute large scripts without opening SQL Editor and loading the whole script from memory. When you try to open a large script, you will be prompted to execute it with the help of the Execute Script Wizard. And to make things even better, we are adding the support for script execution from the command line.

Execute Large Script functionality

Command-line activation

With this release, the dbForge team introduces the ability to activate the Transaction Log tool from the command line.

Command-line activation

Import and Export Settings feature

To offer you a better user experience with the tool, we are adding the Import and Export Settings Wizard that will allow you to export, import, or reset the specific categories of the Transaction Log settings.

Import and Export Settings feature

Start protecting your data with dbForge Transaction Log

Download the latest version of the tool and enjoy the new functionality absolutely for free during a 30-day trial period.