Devart attended and sponsored SQL Day 2016 — Annual Conference of Polish SQL Server User Group Association

May 24th, 2016

Devart was excited to participate and sponsor SQL Day 2016 that took place on May 16 – 18 in Wrocław, Poland. The event has ended less than a week ago and we are already looking forward to what’s next in 2017!SQLDay is the largest Microsoft data platform summit in the East Central Europe.

This year, we had a great chance to listen to the biggest stars in global SQL world: Grant Fritchey, Dejan Sarka, Mihail Mateev, Uwe Ricken, Aaron Bertrand, and many others. We would like to thank the speakers for the wonderful conference!

sqlday2016-1 sqlday2016-2 sqlday2016-3
sqlday2016-4 sqlday2016-5 sqlday2016-6

Our special thanks to Tomasz Libera, Marcin Szeliga, Łukasz Grala, Damian Widera, Roman Czarko-Wasiutycz, Kamil Nowiński and all other team members for the assistance and warm welcome. We have had a great chance to meet new people, exchange views, and present our software products to the wide audience.



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