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Devart Becomes the Winner of 2020 CV Magazine Technology Innovator Awards

For more than 15 years, Devart has been developing database tools and data-related solutions. One of its most popular product lines, dbForge, is designed to facilitate and simplify database development, management, and administration for SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, and PostgreSQL.

All dbForge tools embrace both powerful productivity and exceptional usability. Once again, these qualities got recognition. This year, the Corporate Vision magazine named Devart and dbForge winners of its annual awards in the Technology Innovator Awards nomination.

Corporate Vision is a monthly digital magazine focused on the latest insights from more than 155,000 business leaders and experts. The fact it has proclaimed Devart the Best Server Development Software Solutions Provider 2020 inspires our best minds to create and enhance powerful solutions for more than 500,000 users around the world.

The dbForge product line has always been one of Devart’s household names. We are genuinely proud of these tools and the possibilities they offer:

• Rich toolset that covers every stage of work with databases: development, management, administration, automation, documenting, and reporting
• High performance and stability that delivers efficiency and productivity at work
• Clean and intuitive GUI that helps database developers work with ease and pleasure

These are just a few reasons why so many customers worldwide choose database tools by dbForge.

You can join them easily – get a free 30-day trial to test the capabilities of any tool you like!