Friday, April 19, 2024
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Excel Add-ins 2.1 with PostgreSQL 12 Support, HubSpot Web Login, and Other Improvements

Devart is glad to announce the release of Excel Add-ins 2.1 with support for PostgreSQL 12, HubSpot web login, and a number of other improvements for cloud applications.

PostgreSQL 12 Support

Now you can use Excel Add-ins with the latest version of the open-source PostgreSQL database.

HubSpot Web Login Support

You don’t need to obtain HubSpot API Key and enter it to connect to HubSpot anymore. Just select the RefreshToken authentication, and click Web Login. Then log in to HubSpot and grant Excel Add-ins access to HubSpot.

Besides, the LineItems object is now available for HubSpot, allowing you to work with deal line items data.

Server-to-server Authentication for Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Now you can use Server-to-server authentication to connect to Salesforce Marketing Cloud. For this authentication, you need to open the Advanced connection parameters and select ServerToServer in the Authentication Type parameter. Then specify your Marketing Cloud subdomain and client ID and client secret from Salesforce Marketing Cloud application center in the corresponding parameters.

Other Improvements

Additionally, two more parameters have been added for all the connections to cloud apps: Failover Retries and Local SQL Engine. To access them, click the Advanced button when editing a connection.

Failover Retries specifies the number of attempts to automatically retry a command when the command failed because of the reason that is probably just a temporary issue. In this case, the command will probably be successfully re-run after a small delay without showing any error messages to the user.

The Local SQL Engine parameter allows turning off local SQL processing for cases when complex queries cannot be translated directly to calls to the corresponding cloud source. While local SQL processing is beneficial in most cases and allows running complex queries, in some cases it may cause performance issues and take much time, so if you would prefer not to use it, you may turn it off. In this case, if you use a query that is too complex for your data source, you will get the corresponding message that the query cannot be directly executed by service.

Feel free to download the new versions of Devart Excel Add-ins, try the new functionality, and leave feedback!