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Get the most from your data with SQL Complete

Visualize your SQL data to facilitate understanding and decision making with the Data Visualizers feature of SQL Complete. On many occasions, developers and DBAs need to quickly check the table contents and getting data in a readable format without much effort becomes a matter of importance.

SQL Complete users can benefit from the opportunity to view the cell contents in the required format right in the Results grid whenever necessary. The tool takes the pain out of checking and analyzing tables with multi-format data.

The Data visualizers feature that is tailored to suit the needs of the most demanding SQL developers allows viewing data in 9 common data formats: Hexadecimal, Text, XML, HTML, Rich Text, PDF, JSON, Image, and Spatial. To start working with Data Visualizers, you should just output the required data to Results Grid and then switch to Data Viewer.

The Image View option in SQL Complete

Image view

The Image View option allows viewing database image contents right in the Results Grid which significantly saves your time and effort. To enable the Image View, click the corresponding icon on the toolbar.

Pick the Show Data Viewer option in SQL Complete

Viewing data in the hexadecimal format

In case you need to view the cell values in the hexadecimal data format, click the Hexadecimal View button in the Data Viewer and Editor toolbar and enjoy the quick result.

Viewing data in the hexadecimal format

Viewing data in the Text format

To display the table data in the Text format, use the Text View option. It might be very helpful when working with tables that contain long descriptions and text data.

The Text View option

Viewing data in the XML format

XML View is designed to show the cell contents in a popular XML format. Just click the button and see the result.

The XML View within SQL Complete

Viewing data in the HTML format

Switching to the HTML View will display the cell contents in the HTML format in a flash.

The HTML View

Viewing data in the Rich Text format

The Rich Text View allows viewing content in the Rich Text format with one click.

The Rich Text View

Viewing data in the PDF format

With the help of Data Viewer, you can quickly view a PDF document just by selecting the PDF View option and then positioning the mouse pointer over the value in the grid.

The PDF View option of Data Viewer

Viewing data in the JSON format

To view the data in the JSON format, click the JSON View button on the Data Viewer and Editor toolbar.

The JSON View option

Spatial view

You can now view data representing spatial values much easier than ever before.

The Spatial view option

Saving cell contents to a file

Having viewed the cell contents in the format you’ve chosen, you can then save it to a file and SQL Complete will automatically suggest you save it in the format you’ve worked with.

Save cell contents to a file in the format you worked with

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