Wednesday, June 12, 2024
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Here Comes the Great Big Update of dbForge Tools for Oracle!

Following the recent update of our PostgreSQL product line, we are genuinely excited to unveil yet another new release that’s just as big and essential—a rich collection of newly supported SQL statements and miscellaneous functional enhancements that have been integrated into the latest versions of dbForge tools for Oracle.

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Support for Linux & macOS

First of all, we’d love to tell Linux and macOS users that now they can run all dbForge tools for Oracle on their machines using a specialized solution by CodeWeavers. It is called CrossOver, and it provides Windows applications with a compatibility layer and allows them to run on Linux and macOS. In a nutshell, the flow is as follows:

  1. Install CrossOver on your Mac or Linux machine. It will work as a regular native application.
  2. Open CrossOver and configure a special container (bottle) with the environment required for dbForge Studio.
  3. Install the Studio into the bottle and run it!

This is what it looks like on macOS.

And this is what it looks like on Linux.

Newly supported SQL statements

We have greatly expanded the code completion capabilities of our Oracle tools—and now you have 10 more implemented SQL statements that will help you get your coding done faster. Here are all of them; and for your convenience, each entry is illustrated with a screenshot.

Text Editor enhancements

The integrated Text Editor has a few more nice surprises for you. One of them is the newly added support for several SQL*Plus commands, namely:

Our next stop is extended support for the SELECT statement in the Completion List. To be more precise, we have added support for the following clauses:


We have also added support for the WITH … AS clause in the INSERT statement.

Documenter enhancements

Now let’s proceed to Documenter, available both in dbForge Studio and as a standalone application—and the first thing to mention is support for Memory Table properties.


Additionally, we have added ValidityPeriod for tables.

Data Compare & Data Generator enhancements

Next, let’s talk about Data Compare and Data Generator, both of which can also be used as standalone apps and as part of the Studio. Now you have two more handy switches added to the command line: /schemaexport and /schemaimport.

Let us also take a look at the newly added schema import and export features.

Other improvements

There are several auxiliary improvements that have been introduced to our tools with this release. Let’s start with the newly added Ignore IDENTITY columns option.


Last but not least, we have reimagined the reordering of table columns that contain Oracle built-in data types. While previously it was necessary to use DROP/CREATE TABLE for that purpose—which is a rather resource-intensive operation—now ALTER TABLE is used instead. And since it’s no longer required to create your table anew, the eventual script becomes more compact and is executed faster.

Download dbForge Studio for Oracle v4.5 today!

Now that we’ve told you about the results of our efforts, we’d love to invite you to see them in action and download dbForge Studio—our flagship IDE for Oracle—for a free 30-day trial (or, if you already have it, get the update via the Help menu > Check for Updates). The same applies to other dbForge tools for Oracle—don’t hesitate to check them out as well! We would truly and verily appreciate your feedback.

Download dbForge Studio for Oracle