Tuesday, June 18, 2024
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New Async Code Compare Package for VS 2015-2019

When starting to work on this release of Code Compare, we set a goal to improve integration with the latest versions of Visual Studio by fully moving to asynchronous loading of our package. Due to this, now Code Compare is 35 percent more compact and loads faster not only in Visual Studio 2019 but also in Visual Studio 2017 and 2015, but we had to discontinue support for older versions of Visual Studio 2010-2013, which had been already outdated and their support slows down Code Compare development.

Support for PMA mode in VS 2019 for file comparison

Previously, when creating a file comparison in Visual Studio 2019 with the enabled “Optimize rendering for screens with different pixel densities” option a user saw an empty tab. To solve that issue, you had to disable the PMA mode and restart Visual Studio what was quite inconvenient. Now you don’t need to disable this option in Visual Studio and a file comparison will be created as before. Also, we’ve fixed scaling of some dialogs in this mode. In general, we continue to improve the scaling of our UI in the Visual Studio extension moving to modern technologies.

Online documentation

Instead of the obsolete offline documentation as a .chm file, we’ve implemented a more complete new online documentation, which is located on our global resource and will be actively updated and modernized.

Support for 4K monitors and usability improved

In this version, we’ve taken into account some comments about the UI of monitors with high DPI and updated button UI used for moving blocks in file comparison.

Other improvements

  • Opening comparison when Visual Studio 2019 is run from the Quick Start window is fixed.
  • New tab size setting for standalone.
  • Shortcut duplicates of the standard editor for file comparison in Visual Studio are fixed. Now they don’t match the ones in Visual Studio.
  • Disabling syntax highlighting is fixed.