New dbForge Fusion tools with Visual Studio 2019 Support

November 8th, 2019

dbForge Fusion is a line of Visual Studio plugins designed to simplify database development and enhance data management capabilities. This line comprises three tools: dbForge Fusion for SQL Server, dbForge Fusion for MySQL, and dbForge Fusion for Oracle.

We are happy to announce new updates for each of these tools which come with many improvements and fixes. But the main feature of these updates is that you can finally use Fusion with Visual Studio 2019, getting the ability to work with all extended capabilities the latest version of this IDE provides.

Let’s take a closer look at each of these tools.

dbForge Fusion for SQL Server

dbForge Fusion for SQL Server provides robust capabilities for code completion, code formatting, debugging, profiling queries, editing tables, managing diffs, creating database diagrams, and much more.

dbForge Fusion for SQL Server

dbForge Fusion for MySQL

Increase your database development productivity and quality by utilizing such functionality as powerful database comparison, visual query builder, query profiler, the ability to work with projects, and many other capabilities by integrating dbForge Fusion for MySQL into Visual Studio 2019!

dbForge Fusion for MySQL

dbForge Fusion for Oracle

dbForge Fusion for Oracle is a powerful Visual Studio plugin designed to simplify Oracle database development and enhance data management capabilities.

dbForge Fusion for Oracle

When you integrate dbForge Fusion for Oracle into Microsoft Visual Studio, all database development and administration tasks become available from your IDE. It provides an easier way to explore and maintain existing databases, design compound SQL statements and queries, and manipulate data in different ways.

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