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New in Delphi DAC: Support for RAD Studio 12, new versions of SQL Server, Oracle, MariaDB, and PostgreSQL

We are glad to announce the latest update of Devart’s Delphi Data Access Components product line. This update features the implementation of support for the newest version of Embarcadero RAD Studio 12 Athens.

RAD Studio 12 Athen brings official support for iOS 17, Android 13, and macOS Ventura, along with Ubuntu 22 LTS and Windows Server 2023 support. That will definitely help keep up with the ever-updating operation systems. Delphi Data Access Components now additionally support macOS Sonoma.

For more details on changes in Delphi Data Access Components, see below.

SQL Server 2022 support has been added in this release, along with implementing the AddDateTimeFormat option for the Dump component and adding the LastInsertId property support for Query components in SDAC and UniDAC. LastInsertId property support for TMSSQL and TMSQuery has been added to SDAC.

Oracle 23: The Next Long-Term Support Release is officially supported in ODAC and UniDAC, featuring many QOL improvements and innovations. We have also improved UnicodeEnvironment support for non-Unicode Delphi versions.

Maria DB 11 support and support for the mysql_clear_password authentication mechanism have been implemented for MyDAC and the corresponding MySQL data provider of UniDAC.

PgDAC and UniDAC now feature PostgreSQL 16 support and support for PREPARE/EXECUTE commands.

UniDAC now features additional support for Mongo DB versions 6 and 7, support for empty database names when establishing a connection, and improved compatibility with Linked Server in MSSMS.

SQLite Engine has been updated to 3.42.0, whereas the new version of the NexusDB 4.75.01 is now also supported.

General Features and Changes

  • Added support for nested Macros in SQL queries   
  • Added support Display Format for Aggregate fields   
  • Added SHA-2(SHA-256, SHA-512) in hash algorithm for encryption   
  • Added support for DBMonitor in the VirtualQuery component   
  • Added support for storing AutoInc fields when saving TVirtualTable to XML

Please refer to the revision histories in the table below for the full list of changes.

UniDAC 10.0 [ Download ] [ Revision History ]
ODAC 13.0 [ Download ] [ Revision History ]
SDAC 11.0 [ Download ] [ Revision History ]
MyDAC 12.0 [ Download ] [ Revision History ]
IBDAC 9.0 [ Download ] [ Revision History ]
PgDAC 8.0 [ Download ] [ Revision History ]
LiteDAC 6.0 [ Download ] [ Revision History ]
VirtualDAC 13.0 [ Download ] [ Revision History ]
Max Remskyi
Max Remskyi
DAC Team