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New in Delphi DAC: Support for RAD Studio 12, Release 1, Cloud Providers Metadata, and More

We are glad to announce the latest update of Devart’s Delphi Data Access Components product line. This update implements support for the newest version of Embarcadero RAD Studio 12 Athens.

RAD Studio 12, Release 1 brings improved VCL and FireMonkey libraries, Split Editor Views, modernized C++ compilers and toolchain, Android API level 34, support for 4K+ screens, and now targets Windows 11. There are many more changes, don’t forget to check them all out!

For more details on changes in Delphi Data Access Components, see below.

Metadata caching has been implemented for all cloud-based providers. The users of the following cloud providers will enjoy improved performance: BigCommerce, Dynamics, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Freshdesk, HubSpot, Magento, MailChimp, NetSuite, QuickBooks, Salesforce, SugarCRM, Zoho CRM.

The following features and changes have been implemented:

  • SQL has received support for automatic detection of transaction state when the transaction is controlled by an SQL statement, whereas the Direct mode is now based on version 3.45.2.
  • GetAuditActionBanner and GetUnauthorizedAccessBanner functions have been added to TOraSession in ODAC.
  • Microsoft Entra Service Principal authentication (auADServicePrincipal) in the prMSOLEDB provider is now supported for MSSQL Server provider.
  • PostgreSQL provider now works better with generated fields.
  • In VirtualDAC, the voResetAutoInc has been added to the VirtualTable component, allowing AutoInc values to be reset on Clear.


Please refer to the revision histories in the table below for the full list of changes.

UniDAC 10.2 [ Download ] [ Revision History ]
ODAC 13.2 [ Download ] [ Revision History ]
SDAC 11.2 [ Download ] [ Revision History ]
MyDAC 12.2 [ Download ] [ Revision History ]
IBDAC 9.2 [ Download ] [ Revision History ]
PgDAC 8.2 [ Download ] [ Revision History ]
LiteDAC 6.2 [ Download ] [ Revision History ]
VirtualDAC 13.2 [ Download ] [ Revision History ]
Max Remskyi
Max Remskyi
DAC Team