New Versions of UniDAC, PgDAC, and dbExpress with PostgreSQL 14 Support are Available

December 10th, 2021

We are glad to announce the release of UniDAC 9.1 and PgDAC 7.1 with the support for PostgreSQL 14. Now you can work with PostgreSQL 14 and PostgreSQL stored procedures with OUT parameters.

Other updates in this release include:

  • The PoolID connection option was added in the UniDAC and PgDAC
  • The WireCompression option for the Connection component was added for the InterBase data provider
  • Block fetch was supported and fetch performance was improved for the NexusDB provider
  • The FSIZE SQL function and Autoinc data type for Visual FoxPro tables were supported in the DBF data provider

Also, we have released the dbExpress Driver 5.1 for PostgreSQL with the support of OUT parameters in stored procedures and dbExpress Driver 9.1 for SQL Server with MARS and Snapshot Transactions support.

You may download the new versions using the following links:


UniDAC 9.1 [ Download ] [ Revision History ]
PgDAC 7.1 [ Download ] [ Revision History ]
dbExpress Driver 5.1 for PostgreSQL [ Download ] [ Revision History ]
dbExpress Driver 9.1 for SQL Server [ Download ] [ Revision History ]

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