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Provide your feedback on dbForge Studio for MySQL at UserVoice!

Go to and share your ideas about new features you want to see in dbForge Studio for MySQL. Here you can do the following:

  • Vote for features that are already in our roadmap, and they will get higher priority in our plans
  • Suggest your own features, and if they get enough votes, we will include them to the roadmap.

Your opinion helps us to make our MySQL GUI Client better and more useful for you.

Provide your feedback on dbForge Studio for MySQL at UserVoice

We have already started implementing the following features:

Export data of the several tables at once

Data Export Wizard will allow you to select multiple tables to export. Database Explorer will provide quick export from several tables selected with Ctrl+Click.

Lookup editor for data columns with foreign key

For columns included in foreign key constraint, Data Editor will allow you to view and pick master records from the popup editor.

Edit result set of a query with JOIN

Data Editor with allow editing result set of a SELECT statement that contains JOIN clause. Data Editor toolbar will contain a combo-box to choose a table for editing. The columns of the selected table are highlighted, while all other columns are grayed.

Server-side filtering in Data Editor

Allows getting correct filtering results when only a portion of data is fetched from the server (for example, when paginal mode is on).

Server-side sorting in Data Editor

Allow viewing data in the correct order even if only a part of it is fetched from the server (for example, in paginal mode).

Master-detail data browser

Allows viewing data from two or more tables connected with one-to-many relationship (physical or logical). We are planning to implement a separate document with two views: Diagram and Data. Diagram view will allow you  to build master-detail relationships visually (akin to Query Builder). Data view will show multiple result data sets.

The following features are on our roadmap:

MySQL object dependency lister

Allows you to right-click an object and see where this is used, thanks to ‘automatic object search’.

Command line interface for Data Import and Data Export

Support of command line interface for importing/exporting data from/to Excel, CSV, XML, DBF, etc.

Import data from multiple files at once

Data Import Wizard will allow you to select multiple sources to import data.

Draw charts from data editor

Wizard to create charts from data editor. Ability to draw a chart automatically from a pivot grid.



  1. It would be nice if the small connected icon showed more clearly when you are connected to an instance. The white/light green plug is a little difficult to see, especially when on my smaller laptop monitor.

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