Refreshing Objects of SQL Server Databases

November 2nd, 2010

In some cases, for example, when migrating or updating objects, it’s necessary to update metadata for views created without evident listing of columns in the select-list, i. e. for views of the SELECT * FROM some_table type. The built-in sp_refreshview procedure is developed for these goals, it updates the metadata for the specified non-schema-bound view. Persistent metadata for a view can become outdated because of changes to the underlying objects upon which the view depends.

Metadata of other objects containing the code can be changed using the built-in sp_refreshsqlmodule procedure, that is designed to update metadata for the specified non-schema-bound stored procedure, user-defined function, view, DML trigger or database-level DDL trigger in the current database. Persistent metadata for these objects, such as data types of parameters, can become outdated because of changes to their underlying objects.

So using the script specified below, the updates of all objects containing the code for the current database can be performed (i.e. update metadata information for all VIEWS, DML TRIGGERS, PROCEDURES, FUNCTIONS, DDL TRIGGERS):

Here the result in Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio:



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