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ODBC Driver for Asana: Configure a DSN and Import Data from Asana to Excel, Power BI, or Tableau with Ease

This short guide describes the connectivity to the Asana database and how you can easily retrieve and review its data with the Tableau, Excel, or Power BI tools using the ODBC driver for Asana.


Meet New Possibilities to Data Analysis with a New Version of Query Builder for MySQL

We are glad to announce the updated version of dbForge Query Builder for MySQL. The tool offers users a great solution to build, generate, and handle MySQL queries from simple to complex in a visual and easy-to-use interface.


Dive Deeper into Data Analysis with a New Version of Query Builder for SQL Server!

We are glad to announce that a new version of dbForge Query Builder for SQL Server is now available for download.

In this release, we extended the tool’s functionality with the Data Reporting and Analysis features namely Data Reports, Master-Detail Browser, and Pivot Tables.


Pivot Tables and Reporting in SQL

Quite enough, there’s a need to change how data is displayed in a database so that the users could analyze it more easily. One of the cases of such transformation is transposing data from rows to columns in SQL Server.


How to Create a Pivot Table in PostgreSQL Using the crosstab Function

A typical relational database table contains multiple rows, quite often with duplicate values in some columns. Data in such a table is usually stored in random order. By running a query to select data from a database table, you can perform filtering, sorting, grouping, selection, and other operations with data.