Friday, May 26, 2023


How to Retrieve Data from Salesforce: A Guide to Best Practice

Salesforce provides a centralized platform for businesses to manage customer interactions, track sales, and streamline operations.In this article, we will describe options for obtaining data from Salesforce for further processing.

Entity Framework Core 7 Support in Devart .NET Connectivity Solutions

Devart is glad to announce the release of the new versions of multiple high-performance ADO.NET data providers, LinqConnect, and Entity Developer.

Import Leads and Contacts from Salesforce to Excel

A data specialist or a data analyst is the type of specialist who would need to import leads and contacts from Salesforce to Excel. This is because they have the technical skills and knowledge to handle and manipulate large amounts of data. They can use the data import tools and techniques to extract the necessary information from Salesforce and export it to Excel, where it can be further analyzed, processed, and used for reporting purposes.

Salesforce ODBC Connectors Advantages Over Cloud Tools

Data exchange is the transfer of information from one application or system to another, enabling organizations to share and process information between different platforms and tools.

Creating Linked Server in SSMS using ODBC

SQL Server Management Studio is an ideal environment for managing infrastructure of SQL Server database and SQL Server itself. With SSMS, you can easily...

Developing applications with Salesforce CRM integration in Delphi

Cloud-based CRM systems are becoming incredibly popular in these days. This trend is quite clear. The usage of cloud services does not require a...