Visual Studio 2019 Launch

March 26th, 2019

On April 2, 2019, Microsoft will officially upgrade their highly ubiquitous IDE, Visual Studio, to a new version – Visual Studio 2019.
We are happy to announce that a variety of Devart ADO.NET providers, ORM products and other tools will support Visual Studio 2019 immediately upon its release.

Some of the improvements featured in the new Visual Studio are:

  • Refreshed UI and an improved Start window, allowing you to navigate the IDE much quicker and more efficiently
  • Enhanced search capabilities, including fuzzy search and the ability to look solutions up online
  • Powerful code health and cleanup functionality
  • Significant debugging improvements

Learn more about what’s new in Visual Studio 2019.

To celebrate the Visual Studio 2019 release, we will stream the event on our site, so you can easily find out about the Visual Studio’s upcoming features and capabilities. A wide variety of issues related to Visual Studio 2019 will be discussed, including talks on web development, DevOps, cross-platform mobile apps and a live Q&A session. Finally, there will be a live Twitch party with many prizes being given away. Feel free to visit the event agenda page for more information.

Along with the main event at Redmond, over 200 local celebration events will be held worldwide starting from April and continuing through June. You can find the closest one in your area on the Local Events page.

To be sure you won’t miss the event, you can fill in a form on this page in order to get a notification about the event’s start.

Release Event Stream

Devart Products Compatible With Visual Studio 2019:

Using this VS2019 coupon, you can get a 5% discount on any of the listed products.

The coupon will be valid from April 2nd until April 5th, 2019.

The discount only applies to new licenses.



An enhanced data connectivity solution including high-performance ADO.NET providers for databases and cloud applications with ORM support.



LINQ Insight


A Visual Studio add-in that provides a complete set of tools that make LINQ/ORM development faster and easier, and helps you to produce more efficient data access code.



LINQ Connect


A fast, lightweight, and easy-to-use ORM solution compatible with LINQ to SQL which supports Code-First, Model-First, Database-First or mixed approaches.



Entity Developer


A powerful ORM design tool for ADO.NET Entity Framework, NHibernate, LinqConnect, Telerik Data Access, and LINQ to SQL.



Code Compare


A free comparison tool for file and folder comparison/merging. It’s designed to work with a variety of popular programming and markup languages (C#, Visual Basic, XML, XAML, etc.) and supports both two- and three-way comparison and merging.



Review Assistant


A peer code review tool for Visual Studio. It assists with formal code review, allows to track defects and discussion, integrates with various code comparison tools and version control systems to facilitate convenience and productivity in working with code changes.



dbForge SQL Complete


An add-in for SSMS and Visual Studio. The tool includes a wide range of features for code completion, formatting, and refactoring, which helps to make the process of coding quick and efficient.



SSIS Data Flow Components


A set of versatile SSIS components for popular databases and cloud applications, providing high-performance data loading, convenient component editors and various data source specific features.



ODBC Drivers


Feature-rich connectivity solutions for ODBC-based applications allowing to access the most popular databases directly from Windows, macOS and Linux (both 32-bit and 64-bit).


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