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Achieve Enterprise-level Productivity with dbForge Studio for Oracle!

We are thrilled to inform our Oracle users that dbForge Studio for Oracle got a really massive update that took database development and presentation of the development results to a new level! By popular request of our users of the Professional edition of dbForge Studio for Oracle, we have developed the advanced features and implemented them in the Enterprise edition of brand new dbForge Studio for Oracle, v4.0.

Enterprise Edition

Along with all features of the Professional edition, the new Enterprise edition of dbForge Studio for Oracle includes the following exclusive features.

Data Generator

The Data Generator feature allows generating millions of records of meaningful test data in a wink. A rich collection of data generators and advanced customization options will make your test data look like real-world data. In addition, the tool allows creating your own unique data generators!

The Data Generator feature within dbForge Studio for Oracle


We are glad to present the Documenter feature for documenting and presentation of the Oracle schemas. The schema structure is presented as a neat navigation tree. Each item of the tree allows displaying properties of each schema object as a skinned HTML list with the ability to set up color palettes and fonts. The tuned variant of database documentation can be exported to HTML, PDF, and MARKDOWN.

The Documenter feature in dbForge Studio for Oracle

Data Import/Export

Support for Google Sheets

Now you can easily migrate table data between your Oracle tables and Google Spreadsheets. All you need to do is to specify an URL/ID of your Google Spreadsheets table, and our handy Data Export Wizard and Data Import Wizard will do the rest of the work for you!

Easy table data migration to Google Sheets

Support for JSON Data

The Data Import and Data Export functionality support JSON, an open-standard format that uses human-readable text to transmit data objects consisting of attribute-value pairs.

JSON format is supported within the Data Import and Data Export functionality

Preview of Generated Update Script in the Wizard

When importing data, you can specify what you would like to do with the generated Update script, – opened it in the internal editor, save it to a file, or execute it immediately against a database.

Preview of Generated Update Script in the Wizard

Detection of Column Types when Importing Data from Excel Format

When you import data from the Excel files, dbForge Studio for Oracle analyzes column data and automatically assigns data types to them.

Automatic identification of column data types

SQL Document

  • The CTRL+W shortcut for closing the current tab.
  • Opening new tabs next to current one.
  • The CTRL+N shortcut for the inheritance of server and database of the current SQL  window by a new one.
  • Display of the connection color in the status bar.
    The production status is highlighted with red color
  • Each document creates its own connection.
  • The Close All Unmodified Tabs command.
    The Close All Unmodified Tabs command
  • The Format Document (CTRL+K+D) command in the shortcut menu of the SQL document.
    The Format Document command
  • Closing code completion connection to Oracle Server when it is not being used.
  • Query navigation. To navigate between keywords within the query, you can press Ctrl+F12 or use the  Jump between Syntax Pairs option from the shortcut menu.
    The Jump between Syntax Pairs option on the shortcut menu
  • Improved query text parsing.
  • Greatly redesigned Query execution history. With the new Execution History document, you can easily locate the required executed query, view text and re-execute it.
    The new Execution History document

Data Viewer

Data Viewer has been enhanced with a display of data type and size.

Improved Data Viewer

Schema Compare and Data Compare

Improved Comparison Reports

The Generate Comparison Report dialog box now allows creating reports in the XML and XML for Excel file formats along with the HTML and Excel file formats.

The tool now supports multiple comparison report formats

Schema Comparison

New schema comparison options

  • Associate column names having similar name options.
  • Ignore case in objects names.
  • Ignore spaces in objects names.
  • Disable dependency analysis.
  • Ignore collations.
  • Ignore datatypes in column.
  • Ignore Table DML Trigger.
  • Ignore INSTEAD OF Triggers.
  • Ignore firing order for triggers.
  • Ignore check constraints.
  • Ignore foreign keys actions ON UPDATE and ON DELETE.
  • Ignore indexes.
  • Ignore index names.
  • Ignore primary keys.
  • Ignore uniques.
  • Ignore triggers present only in Target.
  • Ignore indexes present only in Target.
  • Ignore Dependent Objects In Others Schemas.
  • Ignore double quotes in PL/SQL blocks.
  • Ignore external table location information.
  • Ignore parallel.
  • Ignore supplemental log.
  • Ignores flashback archive.
  • Ignore START WITH  in materialized views.
  • Ignore START WITH  in sequences.
  • Ignore character length semantics.
  • Ignore ILM Policies.
  • Ignore MinValue in sequences.

New schema comparison options

New schema synchronization options

  • Use DROP and CREATE instead of ALTER for tables.
  • Use DROP and CREATE instead of ALTER for views, procedures, functions, triggers, packages, Java Sources.

New schema synchronization options within dbForge Studio for Oracle

Support for new objects and properties:

  • External tables.
  • Multiple Indexes on the same set of columns.
  • Partial indexes for partitioned tables.
  • In-memory column store.
  • Advanced index compression with partitioned indexes.
  • Attribute clustering.
  • ILM policies.
  • Indexing JSON data and function-based indexes.
  • Temporal validity.
  • Constraint name of view supported in read-only subquery restriction.
  • Materialized view log: FOR REFRESH clause.
  • Automatic list partitioning.
  • Column-level collation and case-insensitive database.
  • Full-text search (JSON search indexes).
  • Real-Time Materialized Views.
  • Collation for clustered columns.

Support for a wider range of objects and properties

Data comparison

New data comparison options

  • Specifying Regular Expression for:
    • Include tables or views by mask.
    • Exclude tables or views by mask.
    • Ignore columns by mask.
  • Ignore spaces in middle of varchar.
  •  Always exclude newly added objects.
  • Ignore datatype for virtual columns.
  • Tolerance interval.

New options of data comparison process

Exclusion and inclusion of columns from/into comparison

The Column Mapping dialog box now includes the Compare and Sync checkboxes for each column pair. The option allows you to easily exclude/include column pair form/into comparison and synchronization.

Set up column comparison and synchronization in the dialog bog in several clicks

New data synchronization options

  • Check for concurrency updates.
  • Synchronize current values of sequences.

Enhanced data synchronization options

Additional Scripts

Data Synchronization Wizard includes a new tab, Additional Scripts, that allows typing or selecting a script to execute before and/or after data synchronization.

Data Synchronization Wizard and the new Additional Scripts tab

Automatic selection of comparison key for objects without equal unique indexes

The Data Comparison tab of the Options dialog box includes the Comparison key option allowing to select a strategy for tables, views and custom queries without equal unique indexes.

Key selection strategy

Other Improvements

  • Digital signature for the installation file.
  • Trial product activation.
  • Greatly improved visual style of the tool.
  • FIPS compliance.
  • Support for PowerShell.
  • Command line execution file wizard.
  • Redesigned Generate Script As.
  • Improved support for high DPI and 4K resolution.

Tell Us What You Think

We invite you to try the new edition of dbForge Studio for Oracle and share your thoughts about it with us.  This will help us to make dbForge Studio for Oracle better.