Friday, April 19, 2024
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What’s New in Devart Excel Add-ins 1.7

We proudly announce the release of Devart Excel Add-ins 1.7 — add-ins for Microsoft Excel that allow connecting Excel to cloud and database data, edit this data, and save it back to the data source.

The new versions of Devart Excel Add-ins allow much more convenient and flexible editing and refreshing cloud and database data.

Advanced Edit Mode

Excel Add-ins 1.7 present a completely new advanced Edit Mode, eliminating a lot of previous limitations. Now you can freely copy and paste data in the Edit Mode, including pasting multiple rows, and copying data in the same workbook and worksheet with the imported table.

The new Edit Mode allows you to use many Excel editing features, like formulas, scripts, AutoFill, etc. It allows sorting and filtering of the table with imported data, hiding and unhiding columns, allows editing data outside of the imported table on the same worksheet, etc.

For more information about Edit Mode changes, see Excel Add-ins history. If you prefer old, 1.6 and pre, Edit Mode, you can disable the new advanced Edit Mode in Excel Add-ins options.

Refresh Improvements

In the new version of Devart Excel Add-ins, user-made changes are better preserved when refreshing data. Excel Add-ins now preserve user’s data, entered outside of the table with imported data on the same worksheet, data sorting settings in this table and table styles. You can now freely move the imported table within the worksheet, and this does not break refreshing or editing data.

Sometimes refresh of a large set of data can take much time. Excel Add-ins now display the refresh operation progress and allow you to cancel it if necessary. Additionally, new Refresh options allow you to disable confirmation dialog boxes when starting refresh.

Other Improvements

Devart Excel Add-ins now fully support Windows scaling for high-DPI devices. Besides, they now display progress of commit changes operations.

Excel Add-in for Zendesk has supported custom fields for certain Zendesk objects, and Excel Add-in for Magento offers a more convenient connection editor for connecting to Magento 2 servers. Excel Add-in for Salesforce now allows connecting to Salesforce Sandbox.


You can download Devart Excel Add-ins on our download page. Add-ins for all supported data sources are installed with a single installation package. When you install Devart Excel Add-ins for the first time you can evaluate them for a 30-day trial period.

After you evaluate Devart Excel Add-ins, you can buy a license at our ordering page. You will be provided with the license keys for the add-ins you have purchased the license for. Use these keys to register the add-ins.

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