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Devart Unveils Free Data Compare Tool for Oracle to Bring High Speed and Adjustable Comparison

Devart today unveiled a new data comparison tool, dbForge Data Compare for Oracle. It delivers automatic data comparison in Oracle databases, provides a convenient GUI to manage the differences, and generates SQL*Plus-compatible synchronization script to synchronize the data.

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How To: Kill User Sessions in Oracle

Not a long time ago we started to write auto-tests for testing our new product –
dbForge Data Compare for Oracle. To recreate a schema in Oracle all user sessions should be killed.

To achieve this we’ve written the following PL/SQL script:


dbForge Data Compare for Oracle: new life to the product line

Recently our development efforts were focused on dbForge for SQL Server product line. We’ve made five major releases of SQL Server database tools in last 18 months. Besides, we’ve made two major releases of MySQL database tools in this period. Our Oracle database tools product line, once actively developed, was frozen for almost three years. Sure we made maintenance releases, but no new features and tools. Our Oracle tools even were not re-branded to dbForge for Oracle. But now we decided to breeze the new life into Oracle tools development.

The first tool in the dbForge for Oracle product line will be Data Compare. For the first release we decided to make a free tool with basic functionality:


Forget about Database Explorer!

Of course, it’s just a joke, but in every joke there is a grain of joke. Remember how many times you wished you never saw Database Explorer again, switching from the SQL script each time to view a required database object. It is really inconvenient to search database objects mentioned in the script using Database Explorer.

Your way out is one-click access to definitions of schema objects and variables from the script. Right-click an object in your code and select the Go to definition option (defaultshortcutF12) from the menu.

SQL: Go to definition option

The object editor or a corresponding DDL script will open in another window.

SQL: Go to definition option in use

Use the same option to navigate to a required object or definition within a script. For example, you will breathe freely moving with lightning speed to alias declarations in complex expressions or to object declarations in the script. For speedy navigation in large scripts use the Navigation bar at the top of the document or the DocumentOutline window.


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