Wednesday, June 12, 2024
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Announcing Devart’s New dotConnect Providers for Zoho Desk & Zoho Books

We are extremely happy to herald the release of brand new dotConnect data providers for Zoho Books and Zoho Desk. In today’s business world, the significance of efficiency and accuracy in managing finances and customer service has reached unprecedented levels. This is the reason why we extend our dotConnect product line to Zoho applications, providing our users with helpful tools to optimize their workflows and enhance productivity.

What are the advantages of our dotConnect providers for Zoho Books & Zoho Desk?

Direct connection from dotConnect to Zoho apps 

Through our most recent add-ins, users can seamlessly link dotConnect directly to Zoho Books and Zoho Desk. With this integration in place, they can easily retrieve and analyze financial records, customer service inquiries, and other important data directly within the dotConnect interface.

Seamless integration  

Devart’s new dotConnect providers ensure easy data synchronization between Zoho Books or Zoho Desk and external databases, securing real-time access to critical information and optimized workflows. 

Enhanced performance 

Using our dotConnect providers for Zoho Books and Zoho Desk, you will experience improved performance and reliability with optimized data retrieval and improved connectivity. 

Advanced security 

The new add-ins allow for the protection of sensitive data with advanced security features, including encryption protocols and authentication mechanisms, to shield against unauthorized access and data breaches.

Customizable workflows 

dotConnect can be easily tailored to suit any specific business requirements with customizable workflows, automation capabilities, and integration options.

Robust functionality 

Finally, users can take advantage of a wide range of cutting-edge features, such as reporting tools, data analytics, and dashboarding capabilities, to gain valuable insights and facilitate informed decision-making. 


We believe that the addition of of ADO.NET providers for Zoho Books and Zoho Desk to our product line will not only optimize workflows but also elevate the overall user experience, enabling our customers to stay ahead in today’s competitive market space.

Looking to enhance your data experience? Download the brand new dotConnect for Zoho Books and Zoho Desk and start your data journey right away!