4 Ways to Test an ODBC Connection

Are you looking for different ways to test an ODBC connection? In this article, we will discuss 4 easy ways to test the connectivity and show how to do it with examples.


How to Work With Inheritance in Entity Framework Core

Entity Framework Core from Microsoft is a cross-platform, lightweight, and flexible version of its predecessor, Entity Framework. EF Core is an object-relational mapper (ORM) tool that offers a standardized way of storing and retrieving data to and from diverse data sources.


Support for New Data Types and Other Improvements in dotConnect for Oracle 9.16

The new version of Devart dotConnect for Oracle contains improvement of Entity Framework Core: the support of new data types Uri, IPAddress, PhysicalAddress, and expanded ability to translate LINQ queries into SQL. Further, the support for Entity Framework Core Spatial Data functionality used to work with Oracle Spatial and Graph has expanded.


Support for New Data Types and Other Improvements in dotConnect for MySQL 8.21

The new version of Devart dotConnect for MySQL contains significant improvements in Entity Framework Core support. We supported new data types Uri, IPAddress, PhysicalAddress and expanded the capabilities for translating LINQ queries into SQL. Besides, we improved support for working with JSON in LINQ queries for EF6.


Handle Concurrency Conflicts in ASP.NET Core and Oracle

Concurrency conflicts arise due to concurrent access to a shared resource. This article explores ways to handle concurrency conflicts using ASP.NET Core and Oracle. To connect to Oracle, dotConnect for Oracle will be used.


Entity Framework Core 6 Support in dotConnect Providers

Devart is glad to announce the release of the new versions of dotConnect ADO.NET data providers for Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and SQLite. New versions of Devart providers support Entity Framework Core 6.0 and its new features.


EF Core Support Improvements in dotConnect for PostgreSQL 7.21

The new version of Devart dotConnect for PostgreSQL includes significantly improved support for Entity Framework Core. It both supports the new data types and extends LINQ query translation capabilities. Additionally, we have improved Entity Framework Core Code-First Migrations support.


Code-First Migrations and EF Core Support Improvements in dotConnect for SQLite 5.18

The new version of Devart dotConnect for SQLite contains significant improvements of Entity Framework Core support, improving Entity Framework Core Code-First Migrations a lot and adding support for previously unsupported operations. Besides, we supported mapping of more .NET data types and extended capabilities of LINQ query translation to SQL.


Devart Stays on Winning Paths with ComponentSource Awards 2021

Once again, ComponentSource announces its Bestsellers of the year. This well-known professional resource researches the popularity of different software products each year. The analysis grounds on actual sales.


PostgreSQL 13 Support in dotConnect for PostgreSQL, LinqConnect, SSIS Components, and Entity Developer

Devart is glad to announce support for the latest PostgreSQL version – PostgreSQL 13 – in the newly released dotConnect for PostgreSQL 7.19 and SSIS Data Flow Components 1.15 as well as in LinqConnect, and Entity Developer products.


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