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Delphi Data Access Components for RAD Studio 11 Alexandria with support for Firebird 4 and Apple M1

After only a few days since the release of RAD Studio 11 Alexandria, we are ready to share the availability of Delphi Data Access Components for the new RAD Studio with support for Firebird 4 and the ARM platform (Apple M1). Our components fully support all the new features introduced in RAD Studio Alexandria.

Devart is the first vendor of Delphi components to support Firebird 4 which was released on June 1, 2021. Firebird 4 introduces new data types and many improvements, such as logical replication, longer metadata identifiers, timeouts for connections and statements, and more.

Other important updates include new data providers for BigQuery and HubSpot in UniDAC. You will be able to connect to these data sources from your Delphi or C++ Builder applications provided that the respective drivers are installed on the computer. The latest version of NexusDB 4.50.27 was supported in UniDAC.

The IntegerAsLargeInt connection option, which maps SQLite INTEGER columns to fields of type ftLargeInt, was added in LiteDAC and UniDAC. Also, a new demo project for FastReport FMX was added to all DAC products.

You are welcome to download the new versions:

UniDAC 9.0 [ Download ] [ Revision History ]
ODAC 12.0 [ Download ] [ Revision History ]
SDAC 10.0 [ Download ] [ Revision History ]
MyDAC 11.0 [ Download ] [ Revision History ]
IBDAC 8.0 [ Download ] [ Revision History ]
PgDAC 7.0 [ Download ] [ Revision History ]
LiteDAC 5.0 [ Download ] [ Revision History ]
VirtualDAC 12.0 [ Download ] [ Revision History ]