Tuesday, February 27, 2024
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iODBC Driver Manager for Apple Silicon M1

As you may have heard, Apple has started shipping Macs with its own custom-designed Arm-based chip called M1. ODBC drivers for Mac require the iODBC driver manager, but it appears that the current version only supports the x64-86 Intel architecture.

After seeing numerous complaints about using ODBC drivers from users of the new Macs, we decided to build iODBC for the x64-86 and arm64 architectures from the source code of v.3.52.14 and share it with the ODBC community. The custom build of the iODBC driver manager can be installed just like you would install any app on macOS. Click the appropriate link to download the iODBC driver manager for M1 Macs: iODBC-SDK.pkg or iODBC.dmg.

If you are not quite familiar with the purpose of a driver manager, it is a library that manages communication between the ODBC-aware application and ODBC drivers. It carries out a number of tasks, such as resolving data source names, loading and unloading of the driver, processing and passing ODBC function calls to the driver, mapping function calls and data types between different versions of the ODBC standard, e.g. between version 3.x and 2.x. If you have a Mac that uses the new M1 chip, please download the iODBC driver manager via the link above.

We also released yesterday new versions of ODBC drivers with support for the new Mac powered by the Apple M1 chip. Our ODBC drivers are fully compatible with the iODBC driver manager and support both the Intel’s x64-86 and Apple’s arm64 architectures. Please let know about your experience with the new versions.