Tuesday, February 27, 2024
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MSI Installer for ODBC Drivers

We are pleased to announce the availability of MSI installers for all Devart ODBC drivers. The new installer format provides better corporate deployment, thereby reducing time and cost.

Windows installer, also known as MSI or Microsoft installer, is a type of installer developed for the Microsoft operating system, and is slightly different from the typical EXE installer. An MSI file is basically a Windows installer database. The Windows Installer service uses it to install the application on a system. A non-MSI installer extracts the installation resources from itself and manages their installation directly.

The advantage of MSI packages for large enterprises is achieved by deploying the software using Group Policy. This feature of Active Directory allows deploying an MSI package simultaneously to multiple client machines.

The drivers are now available in both installer formats, MSI and EXE. You may download the MSI installer packages of our software to see how the new installers can simplify deployment for your organization.