Friday, April 19, 2024
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Meet Updated dbForge Tools for MySQL Product Line

We are very glad to tell you about the release of the tools included in dbForge for MySQL product line!

The tools comprising the release got new great features such as script folder comparison for Schema Compare and Data Compare, support for new database objects types, an ability to configure default values in the Data Synchronization wizard, and many more updates and fixes.

Let’s look at all of these updates in detail.

New Supported Object Types

You can now work with the following MariaDB 10.3 objects:

  • Packages:
  • Sequences:

Updated Connectivity Features

The server type is now displayed in the Properties window and in the Connections tab located in the System Info window.

Also, the Database Connection Properties window and the Test Connection dialog were redesigned:

A warning will now be shown if you try to connect to a server that is only partially supported:

Warning - connection to partially supported servers

Updated Schema Compare Functionality

You can now compare objects from databases with objects contained in local script folders:

The Ignore DEFINER and SQL SECURITY clauses option was divided into two options, Ignore DEFINER clauses and Ignore SQL SECURITY clauses:

New Ignore row format table and Ignore AUTO_INCREMENT options.

Updated Data Compare Functionality

You can now compare data from databases with data contained in local script folders:

Data Synchronization Wizard Improvements

An option is added to append a timestamp to the name of the synchronization script file:

A new tab was added to help you set default values for synchronizing NULL and NOT NULL columns:

Documenter Improvements

The database title in the generated documentation is now correctly broken into multiple lines no matter its length.

You can check more information about the tools for MySQL database development provided in the dbForge line.