dbForge Studio for MySQL

dbForge Studio for MySQL gains more user recognition with 3 prestigious awards

dbForge Studio for MySQL is one of the most famous and valuable Devart products – a comprehensive solution with an intuitive interface for MySQL and MariaDB database developers, administrators, and managers. This product is a user favorite when it comes to creating and executing queries, developing and debugging procedures, and managing database objects.

The recognition comes with 3 brand new awards that we were happy and proud to receive from the leading industry platforms.


How to change a column name in MySQL

Learn how to safely rename a column in a MySQL database using a universal multi-featured tool – dbForge Studio for MySQL.


Azure Database for MySQL: How to connect and migrate databases with dbForge Studio for MySQL

In this article, you’ll learn how to connect to Azure Database for MySQL and discover three scenarios of database migration from MySQL to Azure using dbForge Studio for MySQL.


How dbForge Studio for MySQL is Involved in the DevOps Process

When developing a software application based upon complex database structure, it is often necessary to run diverse business logic test scenarios on the same input data. That’s where the problem of repeated recovery of test data arises. This article offers the simplest way to automate the process using only one tool – dbForge Studio for MySQL.


Top 10 Reasons Why Users Choose dbForge Studio for MySQL

The overwhelming popularity of MySQL means that people need convenient tools to work with it. Software providers compete to produce the best MySQL client. However, the goal is not to develop a ton of options and thrust them all into one solution. It is to make a complete product that would match any user’s needs and suit both the basic operations and the most sophisticated and challenging tasks.


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