Wednesday, May 29, 2024
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New in Delphi DAC: Support for RAD Studio 11 Alexandria Release 3 and Lazarus 2.2.6

We are glad to announce the latest update of Devart’s Delphi Data Access Components product line. This update includes support for RAD Studio 11 Alexandria Release 3, Lazarus 2.2.6, and iOS Simulator target platform.

General Features

  • TDADataSet.Filter now supports YEAR, MONTH, DAY, HOUR, MINUTE, SECOND, GETDATE, DATE, TIME, TRIM, TRIMLEFT, TRIMRIGHT statements, and mathematical operations
  • Aggregate Fields and InternalCalc Fields are now supported
  • The ability to restore from file with TEncoding via the Dump component has been implemented
  • The SetRange function now operates according to the case sensitivity of keywords in IndexFieldNames
  • Improved the execution of statements that have either IS NULL or IS NOT NULL in the WHERE clause with TVirtualQuery

Database-specific Features

  • Added support for PostgreSQL version 15
  • Added support for NexusDB 4.70.01 
  • Added support for MongoDB Atlas for MongoDB
  • Added support for DNS Seed List connection format for MongoDB
  • Added support for working with tables protected by a password for NexusDB
  • Added the UuidWithBraces-specific option for the Connection component for ODBC
  • Added support for GUID fields stored in binary format for SQLite
  • The process of getting extended fields info improved for PostgreSQL
  • Work with alias improved for InterBase and Firebird
  • Improved reading fields of the BLOB family for SQLite
  • Improved compatibility with Linked Server for SQL Server
  • Improved the GetOrderBy method behavior for SQL Server
  • ROUND() function improved for DBF

For the full list of changes please refer to the revision histories in the table below.

UniDAC 9.4[ Download ][ Revision History ]
ODAC 12.3[ Download ][ Revision History ]
SDAC 10.3[ Download ][ Revision History ]
MyDAC 11.3[ Download ][ Revision History ]
IBDAC 8.3[ Download ][ Revision History ]
LiteDAC 5.3[ Download ][ Revision History ]
PgDAC 7.4[ Download ][ Revision History ]
VirtualDAC 12.3[ Download ][ Revision History ]


The latest DAC update significantly enhances compatibility with the latest development environments, adds much-needed functions and includes multiple bug fixes.