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New in ODBC: Support for Visual Basic, Linked Server, Alteryx, and more

We are glad to announce the latest update of Devart’s ODBC Drivers. This update features Visual Basic in Visual Studio, Linked Server in SQL Server, and Alteryx improved compatibility for all ODBC drivers.

NetSuite now boasts added support for API version 2, OAuth authentication, and Custom Lists. Native support for the LIMIT clause without using a local cache has also been implemented.

MongoDB now supports Atlas and DNS Seed List connection format, which may be a game-changer for users waiting for such an update.

Other changes

  • Added support for PostGIS in PostgreSQL
  • Added support for new extended API in Klaviyo
  • Added support for multilevel relations in SOQL queries in Salesforce
  • Added support for SELECT TOP clause for Linked Server in MSSMS in MySQL
  • Added the Support Extension Objects connection option in SalesforceMC
  • Added the CustomFields and CustomObject connection options for custom fields/objects in ZenDesk
  • Added the Suppress Extended Requests connection string parameter for ZohoInvoice, ZohoPeople, Zoho CRM
  • Improved the MS Access linked tables support, added Private App authorization support in HubSpot
  • Improved compatibility with MS Access, InterBase 6.x, 7.0, and Linked Server in MSSMS in Interbase
  • SQL_ATTR_MAX_ROWS attribute is now supported

Please refer to the revision histories in the table below for the full list of changes.

Hubspot 1.3 [ Download ][ Revision History ]
Interbase 3.5[ Download ][ Revision History ]
Klaviyo 1.1[ Download ][ Revision History ]
MongoDB 4.1[ Download ][ Revision History ]
MySQL 4.4[ Download ][ Revision History ]
NetSuite 2.5[ Download ][ Revision History ]
PostgreSQL 4.4[ Download ][ Revision History ]
Salesforce 3.2[ Download ][ Revision History ]
Salesforce MC 1.9[ Download ][ Revision History ]
ZenDesk 1.1[ Download ][ Revision History ]
Zoho CRM 2.6[ Download ][ Revision History ]
ZohoInvoice 1.3[ Download ][ Revision History ]
ZohoPeople 1.3[ Download ][ Revision History ]


The latest ODBC update significantly enhances compatibility with the latest development environments, adds much-needed functions, and includes multiple bug fixes.

Max Remskyi
Max Remskyi
DAC Team