Tuesday, February 27, 2024
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ODBC Drivers with Support for Apple Silicon M1

We are thrilled to announce new versions of ODBC drivers for popular database systems with support for the Apple Silicon M1 chip.

Last year Apple announced plans to transition away from Intel chips to its own, Arm-based silicon chips. After the M1 machines became publicly available, we made the necessary changes in our code and tested the drivers for compatibility with Apple Silicon Macs. We also improved compatibility with macOS Big Sur. Now you can connect to more than a dozen databases using our ODBC drivers on the new Macs. The drivers are also compatible with older Macs powered by the x64-86 Intel processors.

The Over-the-Wire (OTW) encryption was supported in the ODBC driver for InterBase to encrypt data during the transmission process. InterBase OTW encryption uses SSL v3 and TLS v1 security protocols and supports AES and DES encryptions. You should have the X.509 files in the PEM format to use OTW encryption in the driver.

The latest Oracle version, the 21c, was supported in the driver for Oracle. Compatibility with SQL Server Management Studio was improved in several drivers. A new value, Default, was added in the Locking Mode property for the SQLite driver: if the database was previously opened in the WAL mode, Default will open the database in the WAL mode; otherwise, the database will be opened in the Delete mode.

You may download the ODBC driver for your database via the link below. Please share your feedback with us.

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