Wednesday, May 29, 2024
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New Versions of ODBC Drivers: Oracle, PostgreSQL, QuickBooks, xBase

New versions of ODBC drivers for Oracle, PostgreSQL, QuickBooks were released with improved compatibility with Power Pivot, Visual Basic, and RStudio.

The compatibility with Microsoft SQL Server Management and Power BI Desktop was improved in the ODBC driver for xBase. Other updates in the xBase driver include an improved file access mechanism and the new ‘IgnoreIndexErrors’ connection parameter, which forces the driver to ignore errors in database indexes.

Long database identifiers were supported in the Oracle driver. The ‘Date type’ connection parameter was added, which allows the driver to map the Oracle DATE type to the ODBC data type SQL_TYPE_DATE (by default, the DATE type is mapped to SQL_TYPE_TIMESTAMP).

Materialized views were supported in the ODBC driver for PostgreSQL. Materialized views are disc-stored views that are not refreshed every time you access them. Access to the data in a materialized view is much faster than accessing the underlying table directly or through a view, but the data itself is not always fresh.

The token lifetime was significantly increased in the QuickBooks ODBC driver, which eliminates the need for the user to regularly authenticate the driver to QuickBooks.

You are welcome to download and evaluate the new versions:

ODBC Driver for Oracle [Download] [Revision History]
ODBC Driver for PostgreSQL [Download] [Revision History]
ODBC Driver for QuickBooks [Download] [Revision History]
ODBC Driver for xBase [Download] [Revision History]