Friday, May 26, 2023


How to implement IP Safelist in ASP.NET 6

This article builds a simple data-centric application and demonstrates how to disallow data access to certain IP Addresses. In this article, we’ll connect to PostgreSQL using dotConnect for PostgreSQL, a high-performance and enhanced data provider built on top of ADO.NET that can work on connected and disconnected modes.

How to implement health checks in ASP.NET 6

ASP.Net Core is a popular web development framework with many features for building web modern web applications. One of its many great features is the ability to implement health checks to determine the health of APIs, databases, etc. Health checks can help you to know if connections to the database, third-party components, etc., are healthy, degraded, or unhealthy.

Strategies for Versioning RESTful APIs in ASP.NET 6

Consider a scenario where you already have an API live and being used by users. Let's assume you want to enhance existing API capabilities while maintaining existing functionality. While some users may still use the older API, others prefer a version with new or improved features. So, you need a way to build and manage multiple versions of your APIs. This strategy is also known as API versioning.

Best Practices in Using the DbContext in EF Core

Entity Framework Core is an open-source, popular, lightweight, and flexible cross-platform ORM. In Entity Framework Core (also called EF Core), a Db context is...

Consume a RESTful API Using RestSharp and C#

This article talks about REST concepts, the RESTSharp library, and how it can be used to work with RESTful APIs in ASP.NET 6. We’ll...

Implementing Rate Limiting in ASP.NET 6 Core and C#

Throttling and rate limiting restrict API access, but they serve different purposes. While rate limiting can limit API usage to ensure stability, throttling prevents...

Key Difference between ADO.NET and ASP.NET

When we plan to develop any web-based application using the .NET Framework, we need to use ASP.NET for development. But, while we are using...