Implementing Rate Limiting in ASP.NET 6 Core and C#

Throttling and rate limiting restrict API access, but they serve different purposes. While rate limiting can limit API usage to ensure stability, throttling prevents users from accessing your APIs over a certain period.


Key Difference between ADO.NET and ASP.NET

When we plan to develop any web-based application using the .NET Framework, we need to use ASP.NET for development. But, while we are using ASP.NET for any application development, we can also use ADO.NET within that application. We often misunderstand that ASP.NET and ADO.NET are the same or related. But actually, it is not valid. Both are different in the concept of feature and functionality. But definitely, we can use both of them at a time within an application. So, here, we will mainly discuss the critical difference between ADO.NET and ASP.NET.