Friday, December 1, 2023
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Useful components, FTP and FTPS protocols support, and much more in the upgraded SecureBridge!

Devart is proud to announce that it has released the new version of SecureBridge, a network security solution. SecureBridge now provides a possibility to connect to a remote host through a proxy server, thus making indirect network connections to various network services.
One of the most reliable ways to share your files is still FTP. In order to exchange files securely, you can use FTPS protocol. It combines both FTP functionality and data transfer using the SSL/TLS protocols. Support for the FTP and FTPS protocols is currently available for our SecureBridge users. In this version, we added the TScFTPClient component for access to remote files when using the FTP protocol.

In addition to the functionality described above, this release includes the following features:

  • Now TScStorage is thread-safe. This allows using one storage for many SSH and SSL clients used in different threads.
  • The TScSSHConnectionInfo.LocalSockAddr property to retrieve a local IP address is added. It should be used if the client or server has several network cards through which TCP
    connections are possible.
  • The TScSSHServerOptions.MaxConnections property to limit the number of active connections on the SSH server is added, which is important with a heavy server load and
    limited resources.
  • The TScSSHServer.BeforeClientConnect event is added. The event handler allows you to reject or accept a connection based on the client’s IP before his authentication, which
    significantly improves server performance.

The new update aims to improve protection and meet users’ needs when using SecureBridge as a powerful tool for safe network connections preventing unauthorized access to your data.