Friday, September 29, 2023
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Cutting-edge IDE for PostgreSQL Keeps Gradually Improving

We are delighted to inform our PostgreSQL users about the release of a new version of our PostgreSQL GUI, dbForge Studio for PostgreSQL, v2.1! Day by day, our developers are working to make the tool the ultimate solution for everything PostgreSQL. In this release, along with traditional bug fixes,  we introduced a new connectivity option, a brand new feature for optimizing queries, as well as a number of notable improvements to Code Completion, and Database Explorer.

Connectivity Support for Greenplum DB

dbForge Studio for PostgreSQL now allows connecting to one more database engine, Greenplum Database.  Greenplum Database is an open-source massively parallel DBMS based on PostgreSQL that provides more control over the software being employed, reducing vendor lock-in, and allowing open influence on product direction.

The connection to Greenplum Database is succesful

New Query Profiler functionality

The new tool helps locating bottlenecks and visually optimize slow SQL queries. The profiling results are neatly displayed in several tabs, providing the following profiling sats and data:

  • Plan Tree of query execution.
  • Diagram of query execution with the cost of all operations as a percentage of the total batch cost.
  • List of top operations taking place on the server.
  • Execution plan in the XML format.

The execution plan in the XML format within dbForge Studio for PostgreSQL v2.1

Redesigned Execute Large Script Wizard

Execute Large Script Wizard has been redesigned to deliver more productivity and convenience to your work. By default, the wizard automatically selects connection and database specified in the connection settings. The database list also includes an option to refresh the list.

Redisgned and improved Execute Large Script Wizard

Database Explorer Improvements

Database Explorer has been improved with the display of the following database objects and their nodes in the PostgreSQL database structure:

  • Rules and triggers for views.
  • Indexes for materialized views.
  • Domains.

Rules, indexes, and domains in the Database Explorer window

Code Completion Improvements

We have made several useful code completion features to add more convenience to your SQL coding.

  • Prompting the names of existing materialized views in REFRESH MATERIALIZED VIEW.Useful prompts of names in REFRESH MATERIALIZED VIEW
  • Context prompting of database objects in the FROM list of the SELECT queries.Context prompts in the FROM list of the SELECT queries
  • Syntax support for the VACUUM statement.
    Syntax support for the VACUUM statement
  • Prompting keywords for Functions.
    Prompts for keywords in Functions
  • Prompting keywords in the SELECT queries.
    Prompts in the SELECT queries

To take a look at the entire list of each and every change made to this version, please refer to the Revision History page.

Tell Us What You Think

We invite you to try the new features of dbForge Studio for PostgreSQL and share your thoughts about it with us.  This will help us to make dbForge Studio for PostgreSQL better for you.